Franklin Falls, Washington, I love you.

This month I made two separate trips up to Franklin Falls here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It’s just a small 10 minute walk to this glorious waterfall.

I  like to challenge myself sometimes. Same location, different angles, different dresses, different models, shooting in both crazy bright sun and in the shade.

It’s not all fun and games. What if it rains? What if its totally packed? And, of course, there is the freezing water, wind, slimy rocks, and a screaming busload of kids behind you messing up your zen. 

We always have a little story for my photo shoots. It could be something as deep as the ocean or as shallow as a mud puddle. Sometimes I like to talk about death. Sometimes I just like to make pretty things. For these two photo shoots, it was baptism. And of course, witches. 

I’ll let you decide. 

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seattle model
west seattle photo shoot