Lincoln Park West Seattle Family Session

What do you do if your kiddo shows up to their photo shoot in a grumpy mood? This family and I worked through it together.

First of all, it is OK. Relax is the number one rule. Do not stress out. We have time to help them out and have some fun.

During this session, out little girl was not having us AT ALL. She was adorable and very upset. It was a little chilly out (October) and she was cold. Plus there is a stranger there all up in her face telling her to be happy!

We got through the session, and when I left (and iā€™m sure mom was feeling the same way) I was like what just happened? Did we get that? We worked hard and it went by so fast an hour felt like 20 minutes.

Delivering over 60 great photographs and plenty of happy moments felt awesome! Thank you for being so great to work with.

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