Seattle Engagement Session Discovery Park

I am so excited to photograph this wedding! And it’s SOON!

I have done family photos for them in the past, and their family includes amazing dogs… if you know me, I love that! This engagement session took place on a beautiful day at Discovery Park. I miss that warm weather Seattle.

All I can say is that I am one happy wedding photographer when I get awesome people in love like this. I cannot wait to photograph this wedding. I love love!

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Seattle Family Session Evans Creek Preserve

I love working with this family. They have a photography business themselves, so they totally know the drill. It doesn’t hurt that they are sweet as pie.

This year we met at Evans Creek Preserve to brave the cold and document some family lovin’.

As they looked over their gallery, they were amazed at the different personalities their children have, and just how much of a ham little Faye is. It’s as if you get little glimpses of the older version of them, which must freaky!

This family session went by in what seemed like 10 minutes, and then they got a gallery of over 100 family photographs to cherish. They are wonder how they will all of these images on the wall… maybe a book this year, or a bigger wall.

Ali had a great idea, WALLPAPER! Who makes that?

Thank you Josh, Ali, Faye, and Luke!

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Lifestyle Portraits of Energy Healing with Yoli from from Panama

A lifestyle session with a Reiki Master from Panama…. the perfect portrait session for me!

She also does holistic counseling and Shamanic healing.

Yoli likes traveling, books, healing, animals, magic. She asked for her images to be soft and dreamy. We were made to work together.

We photographed our way around West Seattle, and made plans during the shoot to get me to Panama. She brought her mother to the shoot, who also practices healing among other things. It was a dream photo shoot.

Here is a link to Yoli’s instagram.

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Senior Photos-Lincoln Park, West Seattle

People inquire if I do senior photos quite often. Although they are not showcased on my website - I certainly do! Why do I not put them on my site? Only because I need to simplify the things I showcase (so as not to confuse people)

Meet Spencer. He is an illusionist and hopes to one day make a career out of it. His mother is an amazing supporter and I connected with her right away. He amazed me with his glowing personality and his passion for magic. He even performed a few mind- blowing tricks after the shoot.

Thank you for coming over from Idaho for a visit and a walk through Lincoln Park with me Spencer- It was a blast.

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Outdoor Maternity & Indoor Newborn Shoot

Words cannot explain the joy that documenting the process of bringing life into the world brings me. Maternity and newborn shoots are just that.

Emily and Mike tried for many years to start a family. Just when they were about to give up,….TWINS!!

This is an example of an outdoor maternity photo shoot bundled with an in-home newborn session.

We hiked Rattlesnake Ledge, North Bend WA, when Emily was six months pregnant (she was a little bigger due to twins so we did it earlier than usual)

As soon as the family of FOUR got home and settled in, I popped over with my camera, found some good window light, and I fell in love with some babies.

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A beautiful Seattle Wedding, Gasworks Park.

I love nothing more than photographing an adventurous pacific northwest couple.

These two are absolutely lovely. We had such a blast at Gasworks Park here in Seattle making these memories. They were very nervous they would not know how to pose. I told them, relax and let me do the work. Have fun and snuggle, just be you. Take a walk and enjoy the moment.

This part of the wedding is my favorite, capturing the couple in all of their love glory.

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Pacific Northwest Wedding Perfection, Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie, WA

What a wonderful Pacific Northwest Wedding at the Salish Lodge overlooking the majestic Snoqualmie Falls.

Chyna and Jason met and fell in love as teenagers. They went separate ways and led separate lives, but the universe returned them full circle back to love.

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Salish Lodge wedding
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Lincoln Park West Seattle Family Session

What do you do if your kiddo shows up to their photo shoot in a grumpy mood? This family and I worked through it together.

First of all, it is OK. Relax is the number one rule. Do not stress out. We have time to help them out and have some fun.

During this session, out little girl was not having us AT ALL. She was adorable and very upset. It was a little chilly out (October) and she was cold. Plus there is a stranger there all up in her face telling her to be happy!

We got through the session, and when I left (and i’m sure mom was feeling the same way) I was like what just happened? Did we get that? We worked hard and it went by so fast an hour felt like 20 minutes.

Delivering over 60 great photographs and plenty of happy moments felt awesome! Thank you for being so great to work with.

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West Seattle Family Photo Shoot

This is a perfect example of what can happen if you have me over to your place for a in-home family photo session here in Seattle.

What can I say, this family is amazing.

We thought we would take advantage of the green space next door for the beginning of our shoot before we began to loose light. An owl was hooting the entire time, LOVE.

We took a walk through the forest, and we ended in the back yard. Mom had wine, and we lit off some smoke bombs. We hung out by the Cadillac and the motorcycle for some fun shots.

I was all sessions to mimic this one, super easy, laid back, in and out of the home- family photo session. My kind of photo shoot. Thanks guys!

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I love Lincoln Park. It’s woodsy and you can walk down to the beach if you so desire…

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Lincon Park West Seattle Wedding
Lincon Park West Seattle


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Rattlesnake Lake North Bend
North Bend WA


washington-elopement photographer

Discovery Park, Seattle 

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Georgetown Seattle Family Photos
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Washington State Fair? Why not?

Puyallup Fair Family Photos
Washington State Fair Family Photos
Washington State Fair

The comfort of your own home….

This particularly awesome family had a pretty yard and a greenbelt that we used.

west seattle photographer

Capital Hill Wedding at Sole Repair, Seattle. Lauren & Ash

This year I started offering a wedding package for my special wedding clients who want to split their day with me into two separate shoots. I LOVE THIS.

First, I come shoot your wedding for 4-5 hours and grab a bunch of important moments.

Second, we go somewhere beautiful for a few hours and we document just the two of you. That is really what this whole wedding is all about, THE TWO OF YOU.

I have to say, this couple turned out to be one of my favorites EVER.

Lauren and Ash - I know that you are going to have a wonderful and full life together. And next time your in Seattle… bring the dog:) XOXO

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A Franklin Falls, Washington Styled Couples Shoot

I thought I would try and photograph a couple that is actually not a couple at all. I was thinking practice, storytelling, location, and styling sounded like a good challenge.

Zach is a crazy tented musician. When I met him I said “I AM MAKING YOU BE IN MY PHOTOGRAPHS”

 He reluctantly agreed. It would be the first time he ever had his photo professionally made. Challenge Accepted.

Celest has modeled before professionally. She is a free spirit with amazing energy. She was visiting Seattle from New York. I chose the location and we were set. 

Hunt and Hammer (a sweet vintage shop) provided me with this white dress that I cannot stop photographing, and some clothes for Zach. I chose a blue dress from my closet to represent another part of the story. 

The Story. 

They fell madly in love, but he became dangerously possessive.

He put her under a dangerous spell.

He brings her to near death, but then he brings her back to life with his song. 

But she awakens a beautiful goddess, more powerful than he had planned. 


A steamy Rattlesnake Lake couples photo shoot.

These two had me document their 13 years of love and marriage up at Rattlesnake Lake here in the beautiful Pacific North West.

I just cannot express how lucky I am to be able to capture love like this in such a beautiful location. I also love when couples contact me for photographs- who are not engaged or married- maybe they are just in love with no plan at all and simply want to get this beautiful time of life documented. 

I am here for you. Show me your love, it is a beautiful thing. 

seattle couples shoot
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Franklin Falls, Washington, I love you.

This month I made two separate trips up to Franklin Falls here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It’s just a small 10 minute walk to this glorious waterfall.

I  like to challenge myself sometimes. Same location, different angles, different dresses, different models, shooting in both crazy bright sun and in the shade.

It’s not all fun and games. What if it rains? What if its totally packed? And, of course, there is the freezing water, wind, slimy rocks, and a screaming busload of kids behind you messing up your zen. 

We always have a little story for my photo shoots. It could be something as deep as the ocean or as shallow as a mud puddle. Sometimes I like to talk about death. Sometimes I just like to make pretty things. For these two photo shoots, it was baptism. And of course, witches. 

I’ll let you decide. 

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Discovery Park, Seattle Family Shoot

This beautiful family and I have been working together since baby boy number one (Carter) was born. Since then, we have worked together several times, including their lovely wedding. 

I love a family session at Discovery Park. 

I also love it when my clients feel more like friends. 

I am grateful to be documenting them grow.  

So, thank you! 

discovery park family shoot
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Rattlesnake Ledge, WA, Maternity Shoot

These two stole my heart on this Rattlesnake Lake maternity shoot.

They have been trying to make a baby for seven years. Right when they were about to throw in the towel, BOOM! TWINS! A BOY AND A GIRL! 

You four make my heart sing!  I could not ask for a more beautiful maternity session location or couple.

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Arlee, Montana Family Photos

Every year I go visit family in Arlee, Montana over the fourth of July. 

I love this little creature.

She is technically my cousin, but she calls me Auntie Dee. It doesn’t matter, I swear she is my soul mate. This year we especially bonded on the topic of our mutual love for animals. I will let my photos tell you the story. 

montana family photos
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arlee rodeo