Who is Dawndra?

Hi, I'm Dawndra.

I've been accused of being a free spirit.

I'm a West Seattle Family and Wedding photographer with a passion for art. 

Yes, I do leave West Seattle. A lot. I love traveling both all over Seattle and beyond.

I started my photo journey around 20 years ago, and very quickly became like the air I breath. The Evergreen State College is where I got my start where I graduated in 1999.


I would love our photo session to feel like friends hanging with kids running around, with a little direction (and maybe a few bribes.

I love photographing the family when it starts with just the two of you and capturing those moments before your family grows.

Adventurous couples, families and beautiful locations are my absolute favorite. I also can't resist a snugly in- home session here and there. 

To get to know me a little better, you can check out my other website. This is a mix of personal work and creative projects for fashion projects, artists, musicians- and what I do in my spare time. More photography.

Lake Tipsoo Washington

Lake Tipsoo Washington


Dawndra is quite simply MAGIC. 
It’s taken us a long time to put how we feel about Dawndra into words. 
Even though we knew we loved everything about Dawndra aesthetic, we have still been so amazingly overwhelmed upon seeing the breathtaking photos she created for our wedding. 
Dawndra’s style was head and shoulders above anyone else, the difference between Dawndra and most other wedding photographers is that Dawndra is an artist in the truest sense of the word and her creations are nothing short of exquisite.

She truly represented and captured who we were as a couple and not only is her work spectacular she is just simply a wonderful human being. From our very first meeting, she has been warm, listened attentively, and understood our loose ideas. For 2 people who generally hate having our photo taken and have no idea how to pose, she guided us with ease, giving effortless direction - follow what she says, you wont be disappointed, “smell the nose” was our favorite call out!

On our wedding day, she was everywhere but inconspicuous, getting shots we would never have thought to even ask for. We also hiked a mountain with her, we had so much fun, hiking for 2 hours and doing a shoot with your photographer could get awkward or tedious, this felt like hanging out with an old friend and the ease we had with Dawndra shone through in the resulting images, capturing moments I doubt many others would.

We could not have dreamt of a better photographer for our wedding day and the highest accolade we can giver her as people who don’t like having photos taken is that we want her to photograph all of our life events going forward! We feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful talented artist but also an amazing person who we now call a friend. If you have the chance to book her, do not hesitate.

Dawndra is such an amazing talent. If you are lucky enough to come across her work consider it a sign from above and book her as quickly as possible! Her eye and artistic skill is truly special. She makes you want to sink into her photos and unfold yourself in the layers. It's shocking at first to see yourself through her lens.. we found ourselves gazing at our first photos for hours. She has this uncanny ability to capture the essence of a person even if they have no idea how to pose or emote in front of the camera. She prepares, knows exactly what she's doing, gives great direction, makes you feel comfortable and is so effortlessly cool you'll probably want to go have a beer with her after.

She is truly Brilliant! Gives enough direction that you trust her plan and vision, but also captures authentic moments, and gives you plenty of room to play! Like working with the best of directors you feel safe in front of her lens to be yourself and trust her eye to find the best moments so you can relax into them. Her visions are exquisite, she makes it look effortless, but veterans known this is a craft only made by true countless hours of perfection towards a labor of passionate art love!

Dawndra is an amazing photographer. I have known her since she was a little girl. She has grown into this photographer like no other. I would trust her more than anyone else to take any type of photo. Proof is in the pudding. It's her life, and passion.

What a joy to work with. Dawndra made taking family photos fast and easy. The images are stunning. So glad we took the time to capture our little family loving on each other. Time flies, document it!

Absolutely the best. Dawndra is wonderful and super creative! Her photos are so unique and embrace the beauty of the PNW. She did our wedding on Lummi Island and just took our son's 1 year/Mother's day photos. I can not recommend her enough!!

Dawndra has a unique energy during photo shoots. I’ve worked professionally with her, and been a big fan of her work for years (before actually working with her). Behind the scenes, she is calming, in charge, empathic and fun- she makes the shoot a positive experience, and her set culture is strong. Oh and the finished photos are always perfection! Can’t say enough about how much I admire and respect Dawndra!

I only wish we would have used Dawndra sooner for the whole experience was magical; especially the end results. Because of Dawndra's open personality she made both adults and our kids feel comfortable quickly. This really allowed everyone's true personalities to come out. And then, what she captures is pure genius. I have never had such beautiful photographs taken of my family. And the kicker is it was fun. I know my husband and my son will have no hesitations in spending time with Dawndra for our next photo shoot. Thanks to D we now have our entire house papered with her wonderful work, I just can't pick a favorite for they all are so gorgeous. Thank you Dawndra, your talented eye is a real gift.

We LOVE Dawndra. She has been doing our annual family photo shoot for 4 years and we can't say enough good things about her. Besides the fact that she's an amazing photographer - she also does great with our kids. Our 3 year old was especially obstinate for the photo shoot this year and Dawndra did great with him. She took him to the "pine cone store" and managed to get some great photos despite his attempt to look surly. We highly recommend her!

Dawndra photographed my wedding a few weeks back, and it was pure magic. I was having a hard time finding a photographer leading up to my wedding, and with a suggestion from my coworker, we found Dawndra! I wouldn't say I'm one who is comfortable in front of the camera, but the pictures we have gotten back make us looks flawless. Thank you Dawndra, for your sharp eye, beautiful talent, and quick wit! We look forward to working with you in the future with our growing family!!

Holy cow, she is an artist. She is calm, pleasant, patient all the while working her magic. I am so pleased with her pictures of me and my son. She gave us so much time and many options and caught beautiful natural light. Don't pass up an opportunity to capture your memories in such a beautiful way!